Improve Customer Service and Increase Revenue

DineSuite is a unique multi-platform restaurant ordering system that is cloud-based for security, speed and reliability.
DineSuite lets customers place orders exactly to their liking, increasing average check sizes by 15-20%. The simple and intuitive interface lets customers split the check by individual items or pay the entire amount. And staff that manually took orders can now focus on other tasks that increase sales and improve the guest experience!

Customer Benefits

• Kiosk touch iPad familiar to customers
• No-wait ordering – the customer is in control
• Order is correct 100% of the time
• Easy to order as a registered customer or guest
• Powerful database lets customers see past orders, points & coupons
• Table Kiosks offers specials to in-store customers
• Pickup Kiosk reduces order entry time
• Offer special kiosk discounts to dine-in customers
• Payment options – all or split check
• Instant kiosk payment eliminates checkout line
• Customers can view past orders whether processed from kiosk, mobile or browser
• Loyalty programs available across all three platforms
• Customer login is the same across all platforms

Restaurant Benefits

• Kiosk branded with your custom splash page & menu graphics
• Easy menu and website maintenance
• Integrated Kiosk/Mobile/Browser capability*
• Secure credit card processing
• Orders paid in advance
• Kiosks produce 15% higher check average
• Reduces wait staff labor costs
• Increases management efficiency
• Fixed cost – no transaction or other fees
• Accurate orders, entered by customers
• Customer Loyalty programs
• Prompted tip option increases profitability
• Orders go direct to kitchen
• iPad kiosk system is inexpensive and familiar to your customers
• VESA mounting allows mounting options*

* Includes complete setup with iPad — Stand not included

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